Kenya Ice Lions Three Year Plan

Year One: October 1, 2018- June 30, 2019
Primary Objectives:

  • Establish Physical Infrastructure and Equipment;
  • Training of Coaches (Hockey Canada National Coaching Certification Program):
    • Coach One (Intro) Certificate (incl. trainer program and certificate);
    • Mentorship with Canadian Houseleague team.
Item Budget (USD), Kenyan Fiscal Year

1 USD = 100 Kenya Shillings = 0.75 Canadian

Skate sharpening machine: refurbished Cag One Evolution 4,275 Includes extra stones, diamonds, 110V to 220V transformer and power bar required.
Subsidized ice time for adult and youth players 2,160 $5/hr x 12hrs/week x 36 weeks; final subsidy to be negotiated with hotel;
Coaching materials: books, DVDs, etc. * Look for used donations*
Locker room/equipment storage 1,500 Cost-shared with hotel
Webpage hosting 95
Jerseys (home and away) 1,800 Order extras for sale to fundraise, not incl. shipping
Team ballcaps 1,000 $20 ea. X 50; Order extras for sale to fundraise, not incl. shipping
Practice pinneys (multi-colour) 100 5 sets varied colours
Nets x 4 350 To be fabricated in Kenya, cost is pipe and welder
Equipment: adult and youth, incl. skates * Look for used donations*
Tape (grip, blade, shin pad), laces (various lengths) * Look for donations*
Training of three coaches for adult and youth teams: airfare, local transport, meals, certificate expenses, incl. trainer certificate 13,000 Trip to Canada; daily expenses, look for billet and host houseleague team;
Sticks: LH, RH, adult, youth, goalie * Look for used donations*
Pucks, official (75), youth (25: blue, lightweight), training (25 heavy) 175 Purchase blue and training pucks, donations for regular pucks*
Shooter tutor x4 300 4 needed for practices, heavy duty
Shipping of items marked * 2,900 Approx. 20ft
South Africa full ice training sessions and games – adult team To be discussed
Africa Cup for Adult team Host or travel? To be discussed
Extra insurance coverage for players 720 Obtain quote;
Medical kits 85 One youth team, one adult team*
Rink modification for rounded corners 200 To be fabricated in Kenya
Trophies and medals for youth players* 175
AED defibrillator To discuss with hotel, approx. $2000
Total 28,835

Year Two: July 2019- June 30 2020
Primary Objectives:

  • Training of Coaches (Hockey Canada National Coaching Certification Program):
    • Coach Two Certificate;
    • Mentorship with Canadian Houseleague team
  • Youth team development focus
  • Feeder system from ball hockey and inline hockey established
  • IIHF
Sharpening stones and diamonds
Equipment (as needed)
Youth team training in South Africa
Youth team tournament (Bell Capital Cup, Ottawa)
Trophies and medals for youth players
Year Three July 2020- June 30 2021
Primary Objectives:

  • ?
  • ?
Sharpening stones and diamonds
Ice time